Our Founder

The Bequest of the Founder -
"Learning is eternal and experience is valuable."

Our founder "Kalvi Rathna" Late Ln. Dr. V. Michael., M.I.S.T.E., Ph.D (USA) deserves the due homage of immortals for he lives and reigns in the hearts of many through his service by education.

He founded the St.Michael Educational and Charitable Trust in the year 1985 with a vision to offer quality based technical education to those who were deprived due to poverty, social status and many other such factors. He was committed to bring equality of opportunity despite a student coming from rural background. Though he could vividly foresee the less advantaged aspects of establishing a college in rural setting, he vowed to start one in a serene place far away from the hustle and bustle of city.

Inspite of the college's success in terms of glory and money, his motive was not into making profit out of education instead; he has been the eye opener for many who lived in the darkness of illiteracy. His ardent desire was to give back to the society that nurtured him. He wanted to offer quality technical education at an affordable cost and to be accessible to the ones who come from rural background. This noble cause has given birth to the first engineering institution "St. Michael College of Engineering and Technology" in Kalayarkoil, a rural place in Sivaganga district. His boldness to venture into untrodden path made him to sacrifice a lot but at last gained the shield of satisfaction and honour.

Our founder has got more than three decades of experience in the field of education. His experience along with his patience helped him towards perfection in all his endeavours. He has received many awards not only for the act of education but also for the fact of being a philanthropist extending his service to the organizations immersed in social service. He himself had introduced scholarships and fee waiver schemes to the students who excelled in their studies.

He was indeed like a lighthouse to those who were scattered in the sea of illiteracy. He has ignited many young minds with education and moral values. All hearts that benefitted through him sing the same hymn "Long Live St. Michael". The same hymn will be sung forever by many souls in one voice humming "Long Live St. Michael." This will be echoed forever by everyone who joins here.